"My Dog Ate My Glasses!" Warranty"

(Or any other reason they broke.)

  • Available for children 17 years of age and under who are our current patients and wear single vision lenses.
  • $40.00 to purchase the warranty on a single pair of glasses.
  • Warranty choices include: Pay a $20 copay and choose from a select group of frames in our office, or receive 50% off any retail frame and we will provide the lenses at no additional cost.
  • Requires the broken parts of the original frame.
  • The warranty lasts 365 days from purchase, or until the original prescription Rx expires, whichever is first. There is no limit to how many times you can replace your broken glasses over that time period.
  • Only offered at the time of purchase.
  • Lenses will be replaced with high-quality polycarbonate lenses and include an anti-reflective coating. Only the original Rx will be replaced.