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Halloween Contacts by Dr. Hedman

It’s time to start thinking about enhancing your Halloween costume.  Whether you are going as a sexy vampire, a brain-munching zombie or this year's hot new character, Halloween contacts are the perfect finishing touch to any ...

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Can Trick-Or Treating benefit Eye Health? by Dr. Piatt

There ARE some TREATS this time of year that absolutely can benefit your eye's health: •     100 grams of dark chocolate has up to 9.6 mg of zinc.  Cocoa powder has 6.8 mg. •     Pumpkins seeds, not only are high in zinc, they're ...

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Telemedicine—and specifically Online Eye Exams by Dr. Piatt

Why I’m excited: Having gone on medical mission trips to under-served groups, with significantly less access to eye care, I’m thrilled when technology comes out that can improve their quality of life by improving their vision.  On our trip ...

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